Having an Attorney Without Breaking the Bank (Part I)

Did you know that many attorneys offer partial service options?  Partial service is when the responsibilities for your case is somehow divided between you and your attorney.  There are many ways to structure a partial service arrangement.  At Ginter Family Law, one of the most popular partial service structures is called “consulting and ghostwriting.”

With the “consulting and ghostwriting” partial service option at Ginter Family Law, the attorney is available to consult with the client, and it is the attorney that drafts documents for the client.  Since the client still technically represents himself or herself, it is the client’s name that still appears on all of the documents, even though the documents are being drafted by the attorney.  Additionally, it is the client that attends court appearances and remains the primary contact person for the case.  There are additional facets of this service, but this is an overview.

Since the attorney in a partial service arrangement is not responsible for the entire case, legal fees tend to be lower than if the attorney was hired under a full service arrangement.  The saving on legal fees is one of the primary reasons partial service is attractive to those on a budget.  The client minimizes the expenditure of legal fees and only focuses the spending of legal fees where he or she feels the most help is needed.

Some clients do not have budgetary restraints.  They simply want to handle various aspects of their case for one reason or another.  In these instances, the client hires the attorney to assist with the areas chosen by the client, depending on the client’s needs.

So, if you or someone you know wants help from an attorney with a family law matter, but there is fear of breaking the bank, consider partial service as an option.  More about partial service can be found here:  Partial Service Explained by Ginter Family Law.  You can also read more about partial service in the book “Preparing for a Family Law Case.”

Happy Holidays!